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Meet the Team

The Label Free Podcast team embodies a spirit of dedicated service. Our team members aren't just colleagues; they are a close-knit family, united by a profound belief in the message of acceptance, inclusivity, and living without labels. From our Co-Host and Booking Manager, Jules B, to Warren Brewer, our Multi-Media Manager, our team functions cohesively, like a tight-knit family. Each team member plays a vital role, contributing their part to support and elevate the show, ensuring that it reaches its maximum potential and makes a lasting impact.

Jules B 

Introducing Julie Greene-Bryant. She’s not just a producer for the Label Free Podcast or host of Behind The Labels Podcast, she’s a force of nature. 


Born with an insatiable curiosity, Julie has always asked why and waited for the answer. Raised by a father who preached from the pulpit and mother who taught in a classroom, Julie grew up understanding the power of words and the truth. She was taught to keep her words sweet, for she might have to eat them one day. 


From winning spelling bees as a child to crafting award winning slogans and essays, Julie discovered the art of connections through asking the right questions. Her passion for human rights led to her dream of attending law school, but little did she know how much life would change for her. 


While studying Psychology, Economics, and Communications at Olivet Nazarene University, tragedy struck. Her oldest sister Valencia passed away, and Julie’s world came crashing down. Everything changed. She’d lost her “home” and protector when Val left this world. Soon, she would lose everything else, leaving her homeless with only the clothes on her back. It taught her that sometimes we only see the brightest lights during our darkest hours. 


One day, she found hope again in a dream. Her mother’s sister appeared and urgently cried over and over again, “Get up Julie!”, “Get up!” It was one of the first of many wake-up calls that would pierce her soul. And she is so grateful that she listened!


Now, over thirty years alongside her loving husband, she looks out of her window each day at the calming waters of Lake Michigan. She left behind a six-figure job as a Medical Waste Project Coordinator, opting to embrace the freedom of letting go. The journey has been nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful and Julie is here for it all. 


So listen up, world! Julie Greene-Bryant is here to make an impact! Are you ready to join her?

Warren Brewer

Multi-Media Mgr

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