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Embracing Creativity: A Conversation with Susie DeVille

In a recent episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu sat down with Susie DeVille, the founder and CEO of the Innovation and Creativity Institute. Susie is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs rediscover their creativity and leverage their true nature to build successful businesses. She is also the author of the book Buoyant.

The Power of Creativity

Susie and Deanna discussed the importance of tapping into one's creativity, especially for entrepreneurs. Susie highlighted how creativity is often overlooked in adulthood, despite its vital role in personal and business success. She emphasized that creativity is not just for kids and that embracing one's artistic side can lead to transformative outcomes.

Rewiring the Brain for Success

Susie explained how our brains are wired for survival rather than success, leading to self-doubt and fear even in successful individuals. By engaging in creative activities and exercises, individuals can rewire their brains to tap into intuition, problem-solving, and courage. Susie shared practical tips, such as the "five Ms" approach, to help entrepreneurs unlock their creative potential.

The Journey to Creativity

Susie shared her personal journey of rediscovering creativity during a challenging period in her life. Through research, personal experiences, and working with clients, she developed strategies to help individuals overcome self-doubt and embrace their artistic side. Her book, Buoyant, serves as a guide for entrepreneurs looking to infuse creativity into their lives and businesses.

Connecting with Susie DeVille

If you're interested in learning more about Susie DeVille and her work, you can connect with her on her website Innovation and Creativity Institute. Her book Buoyant is available on Amazon and other major retailers.

Final Thoughts

Susie DeVille's insights on creativity and entrepreneurship serve as a reminder of the power of embracing one's artistic side. By incorporating creativity into our daily lives, we can unlock new opportunities, build courage, and experience personal growth. Take a cue from Susie and start your creative journey today!

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