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Unveiling the Extraordinary with Aline Hanle

In the latest episode of the Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu sat down with Aline Hanle, the founder and CEO of Experience Extraordinary. Aline is an entrepreneur and the creator of the Cosmic Compass Experience, a game format that helps people connect with their intuition and find guidance.

Journey to Extraordinary

Aline shared her inspiring journey from growing up in France to becoming an international coach and hosting retreats all over the world. She emphasized the importance of breaking free from labels and boxes to discover one's true self. A pivotal moment for Aline was a conversation that introduced her to the concept of the divine, sparking a deep exploration of philosophies and mysticism.

Connecting with the Divine

Aline delved into her understanding of the divine as the deepest version of oneself that allows for connection with others. She highlighted the importance of tuning into intuition and emotional intelligence to tap into the divine within.

Intuitive Strategy and Cosmic Compass Experience

Aline introduced the concept of intuitive strategy, a personalized approach to guiding individuals towards their extraordinary selves. She also discussed the Cosmic Compass Experience, a game format that helps individuals seek answers and guidance in a fun and interactive way.

Retreats and Wisdom

Aline shared details about her upcoming retreats in Italy and France, where participants can explore body, mind, and soul connections. She left listeners with a powerful message to trust themselves, be daring in trusting their feelings, and open up to the possibilities within.

To learn more about Aline Hanley and Experience Extraordinary, visit her website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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